Philadelphia Eagles: James Urban could be great for Carson Wentz

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Philadelphia Eagles: James Urban could be great for Carson Wentz

Post by admin » Fri Jan 17, 2020 8:05 am

If the Philadelphia Eagles land James Urban at offensive coordinator, this could benefit Carson Wentz in a big way.

As the Philadelphia Eagles continue their search for a replacement to Mike Groh at offensive coordinator, it appears the interest is there on a familiar face in James Urban.

Ever since Groh’s time with the Eagles came to an end, there have been numerous candidates connected to the NFC East champions as far as potential replacements are concerned.

While the discussion surrounding Urban appeared to be just talk at first, it looks like the interest is fact there for Philadelphia, based off a new report from Thursday.

Nothing is set in stone at the moment interview wise when it comes to Urban, but his recent work with Lamar Jackson, and helping the Baltimore Ravens emerge as one of the top offenses during the 2019 season speaks for itself.

Carson Wentz may not be anywhere near the same level as Jackson since the Ravens star is heading towards earning MVP honors over the next few weeks, but the chance for the Eagles quarterback to work with someone like Urban could work wonders.

After all of the previous concerns whether Wentz would be able to stay healthy, this past season made it clear that Philadelphia made the right decision in moving forward with the former first-round pick.

There aren’t many quarterbacks that would be able to find success with the kind of receivers Wentz was forced to work with towards the end of 2019, but at least expectations will be high once again for 2020 when certain key players return to full strength once healthy.

Whether Urban is part of the mix as Philadelphia’s new offensive coordinator to help Wentz elevate his game to new levels, well this will be one of the most interesting topics worth keeping an eye on over the next couple of days.

Just because the interest is there for the Eagles doesn’t necessarily mean an interview is going to happen, but at least Philadelphia seems to realize how big of a hire Urban could be to someone such as Wentz moving forward.

The pressure has already been on for the Eagles this offseason when it comes to the realization they may need to take a younger approach heading into 2020, but if Urban were to eventually get hired to help Wentz, at least this would remove some of that pressure.

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